Turn That Music Down Crew Tee

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Turn That Music Down Crew Tee

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The most famous saying since the dawn of time, with over 4,590 versions said since 100BC. The first reported saying was when caveman Atlas said to caveman Beta, “Hey man turn that fucking music down“ when Beta was banging on a rock to get a cave woman’s attention. Or when King Alexander the 6th turned to the village joker in the square in the little village of Bosworth outside Cambridge in 1688and said "Turn that fucking music down” as the joker was playing the accordion. Or in 1971 at the Hyatt Hotel in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip, when room 1001 pounded on the door to room 1002 which had Robert Plant and some unidentified woman inside and said: "turn that fucking music down.” The references go on forever and the list is as long as your dirty dreadlocks, but the point is it’s time to wear the saying loud and proud in any country or anywhere you want. People won’t dare play loud music around you anymore, or maybe they will, who knows but get the t-shirt anyway.

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