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If you’re a true rock fan, whether you love John Sykes or Nirvana or you listen to Elvis or Supertramp, this GRR slogan shirt has a saying you really should understand. This is our motto in 2019, with some of the best artists in the world, playing some killer tunes, this is our chance as a label to show people exactly how rock n roll should make you feel so please help us to spread the word and proudly wear this shirt. 10% from each sale will go towards buying ear plugs for all the hard working engineers and producers around the world who have to listen to rubbish music. This is about good music and playing it loud and making the hairs on your arms stand up. That’s how rock n roll should make you feel! And to be extra cool we have made it white with the words ROCK AND ROLL in red so they stand out and shout the words.

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