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The Baby Animals

The Baby Animals

Featuring a live concert recorded in Boston while on tour with Van Halen + unreleased tracks, B-sides and pre-studio demos!

Track listing (final version TBC): Rush You (Live in Boston), Somethings Are Better (Live in Boston), Baby Animals (Live in Boston), Working For The Enemy (Live in Boston), Big Boys (Live in Boston), Smile On My Face (Live in Boston), Painless (Live in Boston), One Word (Live in Boston), Waste Of Time (Live in Boston), One Too Many (Drop Out) (Live in Boston), Ain’t Gonna Get (Live in Boston), Impossible To Fly (Live in Boston), Early Warning (Live in Boston), Fire (Live in Boston). PLUS BONUS DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: Dedicate (B – side), Baby Animals (B – side), One Word (studio demo), Make It End (studio demo)

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