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Suze DeMarchi

Suze DeMarchi

‘Home’ by Suze DeMarchi offers a collection of familiar songs about home.

“I’ve always been drawn to stories about HOME, and love many songs about HOME that resonate with me now as much as they did during the years I was away. I find myself humming them daily. To celebrate my journey I’ve recorded an album of some of those songs, with some friends, and with those I admire.”

Track Listing: Our House (feat. Russell Morris), Come HomeHome (West Coast Version), Hometown Glory, Get Home, Home (East Coast Version), The Letter (feat. Tex Perkins), The House is Rockin’ (feat. Jimmy Barnes, Diesel), Safe European Home (feat. Dallas Frasca), Homeless (feat. Mick Skelton).
Bonus Track (Collector’s Edition Only): Home (feat. Shane Nicholson). 

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