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Matt Scullion

Matt Scullion

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CD Track Listing: 1 Outta My Own Way, 2 I Bet, 3 Tears On A Page, 4 Too Drunk To Truck, 5 I Ain’t That Over You Yet, 6 In The Grooves, 7 Snakebite, 8 Favourite Distraction, 9 I’m Just A Song, 10 Do Some Shots, 11 For A Day, 12 Been There Drunk That, 13 Roadside Cross

VINYL Track Listing: SIDE A 1 Outta My Own Way, 2  I Bet, 3  Tears On A Page, 4  To Drunk To Truck, 5   I Ain’t That Over You Yet  SIDE B 1  Snakebite, 2  In The Grooves, 3 Favourite Distraction, 4 I’m Just A Song, 5 Roadside Cross

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